Switzerland is home to world-renowned universities and research institutes in the area of AI, such as the two federal institutes of technology ETH Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne, IDSIA in Lugano, IDIAP in Martigny, and many cantonal universities. This proximity to cutting-edge research is one important reason why multinational tech leaders such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft conduct their AI research from here. Thanks to its traditional strength in the field of life sciences, Switzerland also drives AI developments in healthcare and pharma. There is a collaborative tech ecosystem in place that fuels partnering opportunities and a high level of innovative output.

Switzerland provides a very stable political and economic environment that offers globally active companies a safe place to host and validate their main assets: data. Trustworthy governance and legal certainty lead to reduced risks for companies, which benefit from an unbureaucratic support from cantons and the government.

"I very much appreciate the strong networking of Switzerland with Baden-Württemberg. Both regions are leading AI locations, so that it is inevitable to move closer together. As a big fan of  “innovation through cooperation”, I am looking forward to the next joint steps and their implementation in order to increase value creation for both regions".


The Swiss Business Hub Germany is the representation of the official international trade and investment promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). As part of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Stuttgart, it is responsible for implementing Swiss export strategies in Germany and for promoting Switzerland as a business location.