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Our mission is to create sustainable collaborations and investment opportunities through international networks to learn from and advance each other.

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Collaboration between leading AI regions strengthens each.


Instead of detached activities of the individual region, higher visibility can be achieved through the alliance.


The alliance allows us to reach more companies, universities, research institutes and talents.


events do we offer?

Enclosed you will find events of which at least one of our members is part or which is offered by at least one of our members.

10-21-2021 - Online

Science Meets Industry - Quantum Technologies

Scientists around the world are researching quantum computing and since 2021,  BadenWürttemberg has been hosting its own quantum computer. How can companies apply this technology for their business cases? Find out about the current state of quantum technology and get to know its application examples at the virtual "Science meets Industry" event on quantum technology. The event offers the opportunity for networking with companies, universities and research institutions, start-ups, and young scientists fin order to explore synergies and bundle competences.

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11-18-2021 - 11-19-2022 - Online

AIxIA - Let's get real about AI

Be part of the next French-German conference on the application of AI! This year you can enjoy two days filled with use cases, keynotes, political impulses and networking – all around the topic of „Artificial Intelligence of Things“!

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12-07-2021 - Online

Brazil's AI strategy - How Brazil uses AI

The Brazilian government has big plans for AI, even though the South American country was late in publishing its AI strategy compared to other countries. After ten years of preparation, the Brazilian Ministry of Research is now presenting the South American country's first AI strategy. The document presents measures to drive research, innovation and the development of appropriate technology to address the country's greatest challenges. These include the private healthcare, agribusiness, retail and ICT sectors, as well as the financial sector.

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