The International AI Alliance positions itself as the world-leading AI network.


The initiator and the central coordinator for organizational topics of the alliance is Baden-Württemberg International.

Existing partnership relations with regions from all over the world gave rise to this idea. The identical vision of the individual regions to sustainably advance the field of AI led to the realization of this idea with combined forces.

There is no mandatory membership. We all pay into the progress of the alliance with our intrinsic enthusiasm for AI and join together where it makes sense.


1Information channel

Members of the alliance share purposeful information, best practices and experiences on any AI activities of their respective region.

2Events and Program Activities

Members continuously exchange information on participation and cooperation opportunities in upcoming events.

3Building and Expanding Networks

Members introduce partners from existing networks and bring in others as needed.

4Softlanding Packages for Expanding Companies

Members inform about support programs and the business culture in the respective region, advise on the choice of location, market entry or the search for qualified employees and stablish contacts with cooperation partners (in the fields of business and science).

5Support and Service for Startups and SMEs

If possible, each member should act as a contact partner for startups and SMEs on a mutual basis and provide access to relevant economic and scientific stakeholders.


The foundation has been laid by the first members of the AI Alliance. Now it is essential to continuously expand the community through a multitude of new members and strategic partners and to develop it through partnership activities.

Become part of our alliance!