In October 2017, the UAE Government launched ‘UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI)’. This marks the post-mobile government phase, which will rely on various future services, sectors, and infrastructure projects. The strategy is the first of its kind in the region and the world, and it aims to:

  • Achieve the objectives of UAE Centennial 2071
  • Boost government performance at all levels
  • Use an integrated smart digital system that can overcome challenges and provide quick, efficient solutions
  • Make the UAE the first in the field of AI investments in various sectors


The SME sector forms the central nerve of the economy of the Emirate of Dubai due to its flexibility, diversity, and sustainability in businesses. Hence, the Government of Dubai has launched various initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and SME development.

This commitment to promote entrepreneurship and SMEs is supported and led by our socio-economic stability, openness, and visionary leadership.

Dubai SME seeks to launch a series of initiatives and Programmes that support the development of entrepreneurship as SMEs today represent 99.2% of all firms registered in Dubai, 51% of the labor force, and 46% of the emirate’s GDP. Therefore, this sector has a critical role in achieving and fostering overall development across diverse economic sectors.

Dubai SME   as an integrated agency under the Department of Economic Development was developed to be the engine that drives support, information and outreach for the growing small and medium enterprises sector.

At Dubai SME, we know that the hardest part of building your own company from the ground up is knowing where and how to start. As one of the main pillars of Dubai’s economic success, we aim to support entrepreneurs in all phases of their development.

One of the major goals of Dubai SME is to promote innovation and leadership across all segments of the small and medium enterprise sector. With that in mind, we seek to turn your ideas and creativity into successful businesses.

We are in the forefront on AI with our new AI ministry. This is a strategic decision and UAE / Dubai  will be early adopters and capitalize on the first move advantage.


The AI strategy has five themes:

  • The formation of the UAE AI Council
  • Workshops, Programmes, initiatives and field visits to government bodies
  • Develop capabilities and skills of all staff operating in the field of technology and organise training courses for government officials
  • Provide all services via AI and the full integration of AI into medical and security services
  • Launch leadership strategy and issue a government law on the safe use of AI.

The strategy will cover the following sectors:

  • transport – to reduce accidents and cut operational costs
  • health – to minimise chronic and dangerous diseases
  • space – to help conduct accurate experiments, reduce rate of costly mistakes
  • renewable energy – to manage facilities
  • water – to conduct analysis and studies to provide water sources
  • technology – to increase productivity and help with general spending
  • education – to cut costs and enhance desire for education
  • environment – to increase forestation rate
  • traffic – to reduce accidents and traffic jams and draw more effective traffic policies.