Baden-Württemberg has excellent starting conditions for combining basic and application-oriented research, science and industry to form a unique ecosystem for artificial intelligence. BW is home not only to world-renowned companies, but also to highly innovative medium-sized enterprises with outstanding expertise in key fields of application for AI, particularly in manufacturing, mechanical engineering, the automotive sector, the health care industry, industry-related services and software development and Smart City. In no other European region are the chances as great to raise artificial intelligence from Germany to a world-leading level.

Especially in the global competition between locations, strategic alliances with strong partners are a key factor for a successful economy. States, provinces and regions such as those in the alliance are an excellent fit for Baden-Württemberg to form an international AI alliance due to their outstanding economic and scientific landscape and the existing and state-of-the-art AI ecosystem.

"We are the initiators of this alliance because we see the strength in community".


BW_i is the central location marketing agency for business and science in and for Baden-Württemberg. At BW_i, we see ourselves as an organisation that shapes the future using a proactive and integrated approach and makes a key contribution to the development of a state that is progressive and fast growing in the areas of business and science.